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Men's Styling Gel

Hairs reflect our personality and beautify one's looks. Beautifully done hair not only enhances our aesthetic value, but it also personifies our attitude. Give your hairs a twist and flaunt the stylish look of your hairs. Straight, curls or semi-curls, you can have it all. Here we provide the best hair styling products such as Creams & Gels, Hair Extensions, Hair Sprays, Hair Serums, Hair Wigs, Curl Enhancers, Pomades, Wax, Mousses & Foams and a lot more stuff to make your hairs classy. For both men and women we have stored hair styling product. PureHealthVitamin.

  • Beauty Gerovital Expert

    Gerovital H3 Men Styling Hair Gel -- 5oz


    Action: It gives a slightly wet look, it fixes the hair while the Keratin and Provitamin B5 in its composition hydrate the hair. Directions for use: Apply on wet or dry hair. 150 ml