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Farmec Eye Contour Cream With Argan --  0.51 fl oz.

Farmec Eye Contour Cream With Argan -- 0.51 fl oz.

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Farmec Eye Contour Cream With Argan

Eye Contour Cream Eye Cream, 15ml: Cream-gel with a delicate formula designed to care for and protect sensitive skin around the eyes, enriched with argan oil that effectively prevents premature skin aging with a moisturizing effect, nutritional and emollient essential omega 6 and 9 fatty acids it contains. Vitamin A with antioxidant properties helps combat wrinkles and other signs of aging (reduction of tonicity and elasticity, loss of skin brightness, pigmentation spots, expression wrinkles, etc.), significantly improving the appearance of the skin in the eye area.

Ingredients: Argan oil, Vitamin A

Apply: apply in the morning and evening around the eyes, massaging gently until absorption.

Benefit: Hydration, Nutritive.

Quantity: 15 ml.